The primary goal at Max’s Horse Haven is to rescue abused and unwanted horses; then once they are rehabilitated with veterinary services, medications and healthy food; we place them in good, responsible, and compassionate homes. We’re always looking for foster homes and adoptive families for our horses! Below are some of our success stories.

Maxs Horse Haven Surrender form

If you feel the need to surrender your horse, Max’s Horse Haven will be happy to discuss your options. Please complete the form above and email it to us at Kathy@maxshorsehaven.com. Once we review it, we will call you to make arrangements for the surrender.



Tina and Randy

Tina and Randy are two sweet, lovable mini’s that will be staying at Max’s Horse Haven! They are both very attached to our new boy, Sandy! Even though they may look small, they are full of spunk and they think they are just as big as any of the other horses!


Sandy was rescued at a nearby auction, hidden in the back, basically forgotten. Skinny and needing some love and care, he has become a healthy, loving, and sweet member of Max’s Horse Haven! He will become a part of the wounded warrior project and have a forever home here at the rescue.

****UPDATE 4/23/15 Sandy’s actual age was determined to be 28 years old! He had a difficult winter with the cold bothering his arthritis, especially in his hind quarters. He had a dental exam by Dr. Diane Febles this month and she found some roots exposed and packed it with a special preparation that will cover and heal the affected area. He is feeling much better and is enjoying the spring weather. He also was seen by Dr. Kimberly Parker this month! She is a holistic veterinarian that really cares about animals and has a real connection to them. Dr. Parker diagnosed Sandy with hearing loss as well as some blindness and cataract in his left eye. He also has a heart murmur. Due to his age he will stay at Max’s Horse Rescue & Sanctuary and never have to ride again! He will get to relax, eat and play for the rest of his life!

****UPDATE On Tuesday, January 5, 2016, Sandy was laying down and got injured trying to stand back up. The cold temperatures over night were a low of 24 degrees (after being in the 70’s the week before) it was difficult for him to stand with the arthritis that has gotten worse with age. Dr. Amanda from Georgia Equine Veterinary Services came out right away and checked his vital signs; eyes swollen and face bruised, nose and mouth bleeding, low heart rate, gums pale white, blood pressure low, body temperature low, colic and shock. Surgery at this stage was too dangerous with poor vital signs. Not to mention his age, about 30 years old. Dr. Amanda gave him a shot to help with pain and for sedation. Then Sandy actually got himself up and walked out to the pasture and just stood there, almost picking a warm spot where the sun was coming up. He gave us all a look to say it is time and we knew he was telling us it is okay and he was ready for the next journey of life. We all cried and loved on him and said good bye. Sandy crossed the Rainbow Bridge about 9:30 in the morning. He was a true gentlemen that will always be loved and missed by all of us. May you rest in peace in Heaven.


Maximillian was deserted at a nearby rescue in their driveway, no contact with his previous owner on why they abandoned him.  He now lives at Max’s Horse Haven with the other residents.  This wonderful, gentle horse will be used in the Wounded Warrior program to help rehabilitate and used as a therapy horse.  Maximillian will be a permanent resident at the sanctuary. Maximillian recently was diagnosed with cancer in his eye, but with the quick diagnosis and treatment from our equine vet, Dr. Molvey, using chemotherapy, his eye is completely healed. Unfortunately he now has been diagnosed with Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Disease (DSLD, ESPA). There is no known cure for this genetic disease, only bute to relieve the pain. Please read about his condition and keep him in your thoughts and prayers. http://www.doctorramey.com/degenerative-suspensory-ligament-disease-dsld-espa/

Zeppy Too

Zeppy Too is about 10-12 years old.  We rescued him from a feed lot where he was going to be sold in Mexico for human consumption/slaughter.  We investigated to find out that he was sold an an auction for $15, and he was found with 70 other sick and starving horses in a Tennessee lot, abandoned with no food or water. Animal Control confiscated the horses and took them to auction where he ended up being sold to someone that has connections in Mexico/Canada where it is still legal to kill horses for human consumption. Once we had him here at Max’s Horse Haven, it took Zeppy over a year to learn to relax when he ate.  Because he had to fight for his food, he was always ready to run or fight other horses (fight or flight is how they live).  That was how he survived and that was all he knew how to do.  He is sweet but he thinks he is the alpha male and is the boss in the pasture.  He likes people but doesn’t trust other horses.  Because of his temperament, Zeppy will more likely stay at the haven because of his aggression towards other horses. However, we are continually working with him to help him overcome his aggression.


Our first resident.  A sweet loving soul that was lame for many years. Zeppelin passed away and is buried on the grounds where he was very very happy at the end of his life.


He was rescued from a feed lot and was malnourished, covered in rain rot, afraid of humans, a sad beginning for this yearling colt. We were able to purchase him and save him from being sold out of the country for slaughter/human consumption. Since he has been at the rescue he has been nursed back to full health. He will be part of our Veterans Rehabilitation Program.

Chloe and Cupcake

Mother and daughter mini horses were rescued through a nearby horse rescue that was full.  These two were abused in cart pulling operations/pony rides for these little minis, ungromed and left to founder, making them obese and needing severe hoof  and dental care. They both have been cared for and nursed back to health. They are available for adoption to the right forever home.

****ADOPTED 6/1/2013 to the nice family at Trinity Horse Rescue in Actworth, Georgia! The girls will be the mascot’s for the horse rescue. I will miss them each and every day, however I know this family will give them all the love and care they will need for the rest of their lives! God Bless you Cupcake and Chloe (now called Caramel).


This poor boy was an owner surrender.  He was malnourished  and skittish when he arrived at Max’s Horse Haven. He had a full recovery and is healthy member of the rescue. He is an athletic horse that loves to trail ride. We plan to deploy him in our veterans rehabilitation program. The program is designed to help veterans who are having issues with returning to civilian life. We will have different levels of participation from simple grooming and walking to supervised trail riding.